Error Code List

Value Description
GENERIC A error occurred during the request processing.
MISSING_PARAMETER A required parameter was missing from the request.
AUTHENTICATION_FAILED The user authentication failed.
EXIST The object or record already exists.
NOT_FOUND The object or record doesn't exist.
LAST This is the last record and you can't delete all the records (a minimum of one record is required). For example, if a collection (design/font/color) is associated with compositions or readies then you can't delete all of the objects in the collection. You will get this response if you attempt to delete the last item in a collection that is used in a composition or ready.
USED The object or record is being referenced somewhere. For example, if you are attempting to delete a Fabric Style that is being used in a Blank, first remove the refrence in the Blank, then you can attempt to delete the Fabric Style.
INVALID_FILETYPE The file type is not supported for the requested activity.
INVALID_TEMPLATE_FILE This file is not design template file.