Libraries - Fonts

The fonts library page will contain all of the fonts available for use with Fusion. They can be searched, filtered by tags, or kept in collections.

Supported font types include TrueType fonts (.TTF) and DesignShop Operator Alphabets (.OFA). While both font types can be used for embroidery, currently only .TTF files can be used for print. Keep in mind that .OFAs are generally designed for use with embroidery and .TTFs are designed for print and screen. Using fonts to unintended uses can produce unexpected results. You may want to test .TTF files for embroidery before presenting your customers with a choice that will be difficult to produce.

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Uploading Fonts arrowup.png

The uploading process begins with clicking on the �Upload Font(s)� link at the top of the right column. This will bring up the upload fonts window. From here, you can browse for your desired font file. If your system fonts folder is not visible by this window, you may need to first make a copy of your font in another location such as your desktop. Once the font file is found, you can upload it by selecting it and clicking �Open�, or by simply double-clicking on the file in the browse window.

The next window will allow you to change the name, tag the font, and choose the embellishment method for the font. Enter the information for how you want to use the font, and click on the �Import selected styles� button.

The new fonts will be listed in the All Fonts collection.

Display Names arrowup.png

To Change a Font Display Name, select the font you wish to alter. In the font preview that is displayed in the right column, click in the "Name:" field and enter the new name. Click Save to save the changes.

Deleting or Updating a Font arrowup.png

Should you need to delete or upload an altered font file, select the font from the font list. It does not matter in which collection you find it.

To Update a Font File, select the font you wish to update. In the font preview that is displayed in the right column, click on the Upload an Update button.  A warning will pop up indicating that any change to the font will be reflected in any compositions or readies that utilize that font. Click OK to continue and follow the steps above for uploading a font.

To Delete a Font, select the font you wish to delete. In the font preview that is displayed in the right column, click on the Delete button.

Tagging Fonts arrowup.png

Tagging fonts allows you to easily locate a font at a later date. A font can be tagged in the second window of the upload process, or it can be tagged afterward.  Tagging allows for the assignment of keywords by which the fonts can be filtered.

To add a tag to a font that has already been uploaded, select the font from the font list in the center column. This will display the font details in the column on the right. From there, you can change the name or add tags. Separate multiple tags with comas, and click on Save when finished.

Collections arrowup.png

Collections are groups of fonts that can be chosen for use with a blank or in a composition. This is used to allow the end customer to change the font they want to use for personalization, but restricts their choices to those fonts within the selected collection.

Collections are listed in the left column and display the number of fonts contained within them in parentheses.

To create a collection, click on the Add Collection button below the collections list in the left column. This will bring up the Add Collection window. Type the name of the collection in the name field and click save. The new collection will appear in the collections list with zero fonts in it.

To add fonts to a collection, select the All Fonts collection. All of the fonts on your site will be displayed. Select the font you want to add to a category. Any collection that does not contain that font will show a green arrow to the right of it. Click on the green arrow to add the font to add that font to a collection. Fonts can exist in multiple collections.

To Delete a Collection, select the collection you wish to delete. Click on the small red X that is displayed by the name of the collection above the font list.

Finding Fonts arrowup.png

Fonts can be found in any collection by typing the name or part of the font name or tags in the search field and clicking the magnifying glass. Only fonts from that collection that contain that information will be displayed in the font list.

The font list can be narrowed by clicking on any of the tags listed below the collections list. If multiple tags are selected, only fonts tagged with all of the selected tags will be displayed. Selected tags will be displayed with a green box behind them. Clicking on a selected tag will deselect it.

Tags will also display the number of fonts with that tag.